Dot Garber, The Boss

Where an unsettled young boy hungrily sets out to provide for his family and finds a crew to help him.

Dot Garber abruptly moved to Punch Street at the tender age of nine years old. Living with just his mom and their pitbull puppy, Dot was forced to adapt quickly on his own to his new neighborhood. Unhappy to have moved yet again, Dot Garber made a promise to himself to make it big to give his mom (and pit) a better lifestyle.

By the time his early twenties rolled around Dot Garber had finally settled in and he felt like he was making a name for himself. Dot had a new found respect for his Street too and was also proud to be part of a crew. The Punch Street Crew, as they called themselves, made music together and battled crews from different streets. Dot Garber was the Crew's stand out. Musically brilliant and business savvy Dot naturally became the Crew's front man. 

Dot Garber always believed in himself and his Crew. So, after the
Crew gained enough street buzz, Dot started staking out the moves
of Big Pop, the Boss of New Money Records.

To be continued...

A note from the Founder: The concept for characters ties in to the core message behind Punch Street itself - Illustrations that represent our image & our culture. Although these beginning stories are fictional, the fashion may change, or additional characters may be added - for now, perhaps you do know a friend that relates to: the corporate hustler in Anna Kari; the street dreamer in Dot Garber; the quiet daredevil in Bella Perry; or the solo mover in Blake Brees. 

Or perhaps that person is you. 

This is our generation. Welcome to Punch Street.