Punch Street's Debut at the National Stationery Show and Our Cost Effective Booth May 27 2014, 3 Comments

Punch Street had a great showing at the 2014 National Stationery Show as first time exhibitors. We received orders from independent Hallmark stores and the like.  In addition, we met with many leads, had two different sales repping groups stop by to ask us about possible representation and we made some wonderful connections that are extending beyond the show dates. The best part of our debut though is that we showcased while being so cost effective with booth setup! 

To decorate our 10' x 6' booth, which was located in a new "#fresh section" of the show for young and trending companies, we took a retail ready and interesting style in order to draw buyers in to our space.  The aim was to show buyers what our products would look like in stores while still being visually appealing but cost effective. 


Opting out of the very expensive option of booth walls, we kept our standard black drapes that came with the default show booth package.  To catch the eye, we added sheer white shower curtains with frills ($50 each). We then took S hooks (available for free at Jacob Javits) to hang our curtains on the left and right sides of our booth.

For our booth sign, we printed our booth number and website on 8 1/2 x 11 resume paper and used a hole punch to create a hole in the middle.  To hang our signs we used more free S hooks available at Jacob Javits. 

Next, we had designed and ordered two blackout vinyl banners with grommets to be placed in the middle and the right side of the walls with our branding information and pictures ($150 for both banners, shipping included). These banners hung by more free S hooks on the top. On the bottom of our banners we had unused grommets where we creatively added some of our bejeweled charms to hang off the banners (inventory)


Because we didn't have walls for shelves, we decided to utilize some free standing product displays that we offer to our retailers in various pre-packs shown in our catalog. We brought our acrylic counter displays that were also used in our Philly and Chicago tradeshow debuts this year. We brought a floor standing display and two sample counter spinners too (inventory). We filled all of these up with trinky things product. 


Finally, there were some additional decorations to pull this all together like,

2 draped rented tables (approximately $154 each)

Extra bejeweled charms for counters (inventory)

Maple Wood Style Flooring ($69; used at two previous tradeshows as well; a great investment)

Lighting (approximately $200+; the costliest part) (we believe the investment in lighting is very important to really show our product and quality)

In all, the National Stationery Show has been the most worthwhile show thus far and we are happy that we showcased there. Although there were some amazing looking booths that had our jaws dropping to the floor we feel as confident as ever that buyers were drawn to our booth by our great product and possibly our creative booth display too. 


Bonus picture. Keisha with a Finalist best new product ribbon which was prominently put on display at the Punch Street booth.