Prepping for the National Stationery Show April 17 2014, 2 Comments

So... the National Stationery Show is coming to town May 18th - May 21st.  Besides needing the usual for booth set up - what we really need right now is a booth picture of our product.  Something that shows our product the best. Something - front and back.  Something lifestyle-ish.  Something that get's the shortest pitch: "Trinky things - charms on cards - charms to accessorize, a gift you can personalize."    

Anyway - in the meantime - take a look at this pic.  When we try to use white background there is a lot of glare and the picture is just too bright.  When we use this wood background we think it looks too dark.  What do you think?  :)  Think this will make them stop?

Punch Street will be in the #fresh section - booth #1367 - for the National Stationery Show.