Open Letter about Our Journey and Rebranding April 01 2014, 3 Comments

If you have been following us then you know that Punch Street has gone through major rebranding since launching and that we are still continuing to evolve.  We are writing to update you on our journey.

When we soft launched Friday, January 11, 2013, (Fridays are one of the worst days to launch a new website, by the way) we did so with no pre-marketing (other than tweeting from a twitter account) no press release and a zero marketing budget. Our launch was essentially to test the market to see how the community would respond to our cards – which was all we were selling at the time. 

Along the way – and solely through our organic and grass roots efforts – we got some sales from our website and some great PR for our fresh take on the industry.  Yet, we kept testing the market and following the feedback. 

Later in the year 2013 – development began for a prototype of a gift-&-card-in-1 – I’ll refer to this as our charm gift box. (If you have been keeping up to date then you know that we now have a Trinky Things collection which focuses on trinkets and charms on cards).  After months of development of our prototype in 2013 we had our first version of our charm gift box and we started testing the market with it. This time we decided to try to pitch it to a retail store.  We had never approached businesses before. Up until around November 2013 we were not wholesalers but only selling directly to consumers.  

Around November and December 2013 though we noticed that stores already had their inventory for the rest of the year and we knew we had to wait for the top of 2014 to really begin execution.

Fast forward to our first tradeshows in 2014 (when we were really able to meet buyers and others in the industry), we received our first orders beyond New York City and we really heard the amazing response from the community on our gift-&-card-in-1 idea.  We also got feedback about “1 more thing” that people would like to see in our gift-&-card-in-1.  We loved this “1 more thing” though because it was something that we had already thought of and part a version that we are still working on today.  (Can you guess what’s coming next for our charm gift box? We can’t wait for you to see the final prototype of our product.)

Anyway – once we realized we had invented something people would actually pay for we got legal about it – putting our patent together for our unique gift box and for our trademark for the name Trinky Things.  Now that we filed we’ll have to wait to see if we are approved.

So now here we are in 2014 – and the vast website changes look something like this:

  • we stopped offering just cards and invitations
  • we began offering wholesale
  • we zeroed in on our Trinky Things collection and our gift-&-card-in-1 product

Even our business strategy has changed to include sales reps and more tradeshows. Right now we are in the midst of designing displays for in store purchases.  It’s not something we ever foresaw and we cannot control where our business is taking us – nor would we want to.  We are just happy that you guys are here and following our steps. We get all types of emails from people telling us we are inspiring, wanting to help us, learn from us and even wanting to work with us.  We truly appreciate it all!  

Yet, although we are excited about our evolution, there are so many things that will remain the same.  Like, the fact that Punch Street is and will remain focused on providing upbeat and cool products for today’s generation.  So, the core of Punch Street lives on and we are so glad that you are on this journey with us.  We also ask that you stay up to date on our progress by following Punch Street on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you have any questions or want to connect with us about Punch Street, email the founders:

Keisha: and Aldo:  

-          Team Punch Street