Punch Street makes Round 1 Finalists in the Fifth Annual Trendy Awards! (Stationery Trends Magazine) March 03 2014, 0 Comments

So Punch Street entered the Fifth Annual Trendy Awards - it's a stationery/gift awards "recogniz[ing] the latest trends and the best in the industry in greeting cards, gifts and all things stationery" as stated on their website.  And... we just found out that we placed for Round 1 finalists! WOO HOO.
Retailers & others in the industry, VOTE FOR US here: http://stationerytrendsmag.com/trendies/gallery/


We placed in the BABY ("strolled into our hearts"), HOLIDAY ("box full of bling") and GREETING CARD ("believe in yourself") categories.  Can you believe it!?


VOTE FOR US HERE: http://stationerytrendsmag.com/trendies/gallery/ 

Voting ends: March 17, 2014 (screen shot of stationery trendy voting page pictured below)